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The Black Inventor Online Museum , is a look at the great and often unrecognized pioneers in the field of invention and innovation.

Achievements by Black inventors can be seen as far back as ancient Africa but much of society has no idea that many of the products or devices that make their everyday lives more enjoyable are the result of the hard work and ingenuity of Blacks.

The Black Inventor Online Museum , is the first of numerous educational/information web sites presented by Adscape International as a method for disseminating relevant and important information on topics that have often been overlooked in the traditional classroom. By bringing awareness to contributions made by a diverse number of ethnic/social groups, we hope to infuse a greater sense of pride, understanding and enthusiasm, contributing to a greater level of achievement on the part of students and their teachers. Used as a supplemental resource to traditional classroom methods, these sites can be used throughout the year as well as at home.



Benjamin BannekerBanneker, Benjamin
Developed the first clock built in the United States, studied astronomy and developed an almanac. Helped to create the layout of the building streets and monuments for the Nation's Capitol - Washington, D.C.

  Bath, Patricia
A pioneer in the field of ophthalmology, she created a laser-based device to perform cataracts surgery.
  Beard, Andrew
Created the "Jenny Coupler" which revolutionized the train industry.

Benjamin, Miriam
Invented a "Gong and Signal" chair for hotels.
  Blair, Henry
Invented a seed planter and a corn harvester.

Boone, Sarah
Created a device which was the predecessor to the modern ironing boards.
  Boykin, Otis
Invented several small and inexpensive resistors and developed a control unit for the pacemaker.

Bradley, Benjamin
Created a steam engine powerful enough to drive steam-powered warships.
  Brooks, Charles
Developed a truck with brushes to clean debris from city street, the precursor to the modern street-sweeper.

Brown, Henry
Created a strongbox which allowed people to store important papers at home.
  George Washington CarverCarver, George Washington
Created hundreds of products from the peanut and the sweet potato and developed methods of helping farmers revitalize their soil and battle common pests. Also authored numerous papers on prevented plant diseases and funguses.

Carruthers, George
Invented methods of measuring and detecting Ultraviolet lights and electromagnetic radiation in space.

Cherry, Matthew
Created a vehicle that is the precursor to the modern tricycle and then created a special fender for streetcars.
  Crosthwait, David
Designed heating installations, the most famous of which was for Radio City Music Hall.

Crum, George
After accidentally slicing potatos too thinly, created the potato chip.
  Dean, Mark
Created numerous devices for personal computer architecture and helped revolutionize the computer industry.

Dickinson, Joseph
Developed improved and innovative reed organs.
  Downing, Philip
Created a street letter box for postal customers and later patented an electrical switch for railroads.

Charles DrewDrew, Charles
A pioneer in the field of blood preservation, he developed a method for separating plasma from the whole blood so they could be combined later. Also determined that plasma could be administered to certain patients regardless of their blood type. Helped to establish the modern blood bank.
  Elkins, Thomas
Created a refrigerated apparatus for keeping perishable foods as well as a chamber commode.
  Emeagwali, Philip
Created a process for providing massively, scalable processing from networked microprocessors and helped to innovate internet applications.

Faulkner, Henry
Created a ventilated shoe to help to minimize excessive sweating as well as the prevention of blisters and sores on people's feet.
  Fisher, David
Made the life of furniture makers easier by creating the "joiner's clamp" and a furniture caster.

Forten, James
Revolutionized the sail-making business while integrating the workforce.
  Goode, Sarah
The first Black woman to gain a patent for her Folding Cabinet Bed.

Gourdine, Meredith
An Olympic silver medallist, he created allergen-filtration devices in the common household as well as in the workplace.
  Grant, George
A Harvard-trained dentist, he invented several items, most famous of which was an improved golf tee.

Hawkins, Joseph
Improved upon gridiron designs to create metal oven racks.
  Lloyd HallHall, Lloyd
Revolutionized the world of food preservation and developed numerous processes for eliminating germs and bacteria from foods, utensils and tools.

Jennings, Thomas
The first Black person to be granted a patent for his "dry-cleaning" process.

Johnson, Jack
The first Black Heavyweight boxing champion, he created a wrench for automotive maintenance.
  Johnson, Lonnie A rocket scientist, he created one of the favorite toys of the 1990's - the "Super Soaker."

Johnson, Willis
Created the egg-beater, a device which revolutionized the world of cooking.
  Joyner, Marjorie
Changed the course of hair-care history with her "Permanent Waving Machine."

Fred JonesJones, Fred
A master inventor, he created numerous devices, from a portable x-ray machine to an automatic movie ticket dispenser to a refrigerated trucking system. His creativeness caused the largest corporations and the United States government to seek his help.
  Julian, Percy
Created flame-retardent substance as well as a synthetic substitute for cortisone.
  Just, Ernest
Pioneered the fields of marine biology and zoology, researching parthenogenesis.

Lee, Joseph
Created a bread crumbling machine as well as an automatic bread-making machine.
  Lewis LatimerLatimer, Lewis
After beginning his career drafting the patent application for Alexander Graham Bell's telephone, he developed into a prolific inventor and rivaled Thomas Edison in the field of electric lighting.

Lewis, Edward
Created a spring gun which curtailed trespassing.

McCree, Daniel
Created a wooden, portable windowsill-attached fire escape for home use.
  Love, John
Created the precursor to the modern pencil sharpener as well as a plasterer's hawk.

Jan MatzeligerMatzeliger, Jan
Revolutionized the shoe-making industry with his automatic lasting machine which could produce significantly more shoes than could human cobblers.
  Elijah "the Real" McCoyMcCoy, Elijah
Created an automatic lubricating cup which provided oil to moving trains. Was held in such high regard, his inventions were called "the Real McCoy."

Montgomery, Ben
Developed a special propeller which allowed steamboats to navigate in shallow water.
  Murray, George
Created a cotton-chopping device and would later serve a United States Congressman.

Parker, John P.
A conductor on the "Underground Railroad,, he would later patent a screw for a tobacco press.
  Pelham, Robert
Invented a tabulating device and a tallying machine for the United States Census Bureau.

Garrett MorganMorgan, Garrett
A prolific inventor, he is renowned for his creations, including a hair-straightener, the gas mask and the automatic traffic signal. Considered by many to be one of the most impactful inventors of all time.
  Purvis, William
Invented a fountain pen, a bag fastener, a hand stamp and an electric railway device.
  Ray, Lloyd
As a cleaning device, he created the dust pan.

Reboucas, Andre
Invented an immersible device which could be projected underwater, the precursor to the torpedo.
  Richardson, Albert
Patented a wooden butter churn and later a casket lowering device as well as a hame fastener.

Rillieux, Norbert
Created the triple evaporation pan system which revolutionized the sugar refining industry.
  Spikes, Richard Invented numerous important devices, from automobile directional signals to an automatic gear shift.

Stewart, Thomas
Received a patent for his invention of the mop.
  Temple, Lewis
Created the "Temple's Iron". an improvement on the harpoon.

Thomas, Valerie
Developed a device to produce 3-Dimensional optical illusions and effect.
  Madame C.J. WalkerWalker, Madame C. J.
Created and marketed Black Hair Care products and became so successful that she was the first Black female millionaire. Created jobs for more than 1,000 women and was a mentor to entrepreneurs around the world.

Thornton, Benjamin
Created a device that was the precursor to the modern answering machine.

Granville WoodsWoods, Granville
Referred to as "the Black Thomas Edison," he was a prolific inventor in the areas of telegraphony, railway electrical systems and railway safety. Successfully sued Edison and was eventually offered a position with the Edison Company.
  West, James
Created the industry standard affordable electret microphone.
  Williams, Daniel Hale
Created the method for and accomplished the first successful open heart surgery.

Alcorn, George
A pioneer in the field of semiconductor research and and aerospace innovation.
Davidson, Shelby
Created add-ons for adding machines as well as an early coin-counting prototype.
  * NEW
Mensah, Thomas
Revolutionized the production of fiber optic materials.

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